My goal Is to help bring Harmony & balance to 
your Mind, Body & spirit Through Massage


My Goal AS AN aUTHOR IS TO Make People Smile, 

think And Rationally react; All as I strive to make a positive

contribution to society in one small way or another.


There are three critical traits a respectable Massage Therapist brings to their profession in my opinion:  

First and foremost their HEART, followed by their HANDS.

One can possess two skillful hands, but without heartfelt intent accompanying them
to their table or chair - the key ingredient to a successful massage is sorely missing.

LISTENING is a fundamental element a Massage Therapist should take pride in possessing.  
Being TRUSTED is the most important quality to develop if one expects to have a
successful career performing bodywork on the general public.  

Without BOTH of those prevailing attributes 
the Client/Therapist Relationship is imperiled!

I Subscribe to the Following Sentiments as a Matter of Sound Business, Human & Common Sense:

"The word LISTEN contains the same letters as the word SILENT!" ~ Alfred Brendel

"To be TRUSTED is a greater compliment than being loved!" ~ George MacDonald

Whether you are interested in a full body relaxation massage, are suffering from chronic pain,
recovering from an injury, or are training and want to protect yourself from injury -
I believe you'll consider my therapeutic massage sessions valuable to your health!  

As Certified Member #1082886 of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals I adhere strictly to the organization's Code of Ethics, which you can read by clicking on the abmp Certified Member logo below.