After spending the better part of my young adult life ensconsed in the credit counseling industry, by and through our 1975 family-founded non-profit service, Credit Counselors Corporation; the time came for me to exit, stage left, for good.  That was in 2002.  It's a long story, but suffice to say, in my considered opinion, when the industry went from benevolent in purpose to an out and out money grab that began charging debtors for their help, I couldn't ethically join that party.  However, I had the knowledge as a respected "expert" in my field that I felt compelled to impart to debtors nationwide.  In 2011 I wrote my first book - "Escape From the Plastic Prison" A Practical Guide to Getting Yourself Out of Debt.  In the first couple of short chapters, the reader gains more personal insights which led me to the point of writing what a few months later was named the How-To Book of the Year at the 2011 San Francisco Book Festival.  I'm very proud of that, particularly as this was my seminal literary effort; but more so because it means I could still reach those debtors who are so desperately needing the information contained therein.  I figured with the needed tools, a one-time twenty dollar purchase instead of paying a counseling agency a minimum of $50 PER MONTH for an average of 42 months was a better deal.

It was back in the first flip phone camera days, so it's awfully grainy. Nevertheless, here's my acceptance speech given on Saturday, May 21, 2011:

Book #2 

The back cover is probably the best synopsis of this book.

Book #3   

A compilation of Facebook posts I've received on my personal page that will leave you mystified, inspired, confused, motivated, angry, tickled, scratching your head, and thoroughly entertained.  Keep this one in your bathroom - so friends visting that special place in your home will feel right at home!  In one ten-minute "sitting" you'll be amazed by just how much craziness you're able to fully digest.  Or, at least, hopefully digest!

Book #4   

Alright, excuses made.  On its face/cover you might imagine this is a satirical effort.  And, you would be correct.  However, it is by no means blasphemous!  The sheet of paper that accompanies this book whenever I include it in my signing events goes as follows:  A lightly comedic offering that sprinkles serious questions throughout, The Holy Buy Bull throws and lands several well-deserved jabs on the jaw of the most widely distributed book of all time.  If you are willing to suspend your lifelong system of Biblical Beliefs during this read, you just might catch yourself smiling and even laughing out loud as you consider The Old Testament from an entirely different perspective.  While it may be poignant, I feel this is my best literary effort to date.  I've actually read it a couple of times myself, and I am by far my own worst critic. Yet I walked away with an accomplished feeling for this effort.

Book #5  

This "AUTHORIZED" biography details the RE"Mark"ABLE exploits of one chap who justifiably earned the title of "Renaissance Man."  Besides being "ALL THAT" which is mentioned on the cover, Mark has been one of my father's best friends ever since I was a pre-teen.  These stories of his accomplishments and various corporate world challenges take me back to yesteryear, and reliving many of those moments as I poured over the outline helped make the writing process  simply a pleasure  indeed!

Book #6  

Written - is a wide and occasionally weird blend of poetry, random thoughts, heartfelt concerns, philosophical meanderings, and a fair degree of wordplay that ultimately classifies this literary effort in the general category of humor.  It's important to smile, ponder, shake one's head and be moved from time to time, It is my hope that this book makes just such an all-encompassing and perhaps profound impact on you!  I'm fairly certain that no book has been titled Written before.  At least I couldn't find one anywhere within the confines of Amazon - and, if you can't find it THERE-you can't find it anywhere.  Isn't that right?

Book #7   

A proud collection of short stories which highlight my experiences as a professional waiter in the decade of my 50's.  Some of these tales are sad, most are funny, and several are nothing short of quirky; but ALL of them are true as true can be.  If these Real Life accounts have you thinking to yourself out loud "I'd like to be a server someday," you've totally missed the book's chief intent.  And, please...think to yourself quietly from now on.  Laugh if you must, but PLEASE don't allow any of these vignettes to influcence you to become one of the diners about whom they were penned.

This is the first book in which I tried my hand at illustration.  There's not much to read here, but there's certainly dozens of pencil sketches on which you might feast your eyes.  Simply put, the whole idea of this effort was to make you smile.  It is a whimsical look at ficitonal last names when coupled with Real Life first names.  The idea is you first see the name written out, and then you try to imagine what the drawing will look like after you read the first name.  Try to sound out the two names together, then mess around with the breakdown of thier combined syllables until you eventually figure it out.  I will tell you this:  For as long as it took me to render each drawing on 8.5 x 11 paper -- it'll be some time before you catch me wielding another #2 pencil around my office.  ENJOY! 

Oh, alright, here's an example:

Meet Bruce Coughy!  GOT IT?  Have FUN!!

Book # 8

Quick Note: All of my books are available at  Simply type Benn Perry into their site search and they should all pop up.  As well, each is distributed worldwide through the vast and varying network of Kindle Direct Publishing, the self-publishing branch of Amazon. 

Feeding the mAsses will be my first foray into the audio recording realm.  I'll be hitting the studio soon to lend my personal vocal touch to this episodic book that I'm hoping will be as much fun to hear as I've been told it is to read.        Coming hopefully this winter.

In Chronological Order...

Book #9

AS OF APRIL 28, 2020


    Book #11 - A Guy's Tale

    Book #12 - Side Effects Include

    Book #13 - The $ecret Revealed

    Book #14 - The Trump Virus

    What can I say? This Crazy Covid-19 pandemic has me                   seated at my keyboard more frequently than ever since                   March 15, 2020! 

            Perhaps I should have titled #10 PUNdemic?

   Here's the description as listed on the book's Amazon page: 

THEIRS & MINE is an amalgamation of quotes from famous and infamous people down through the ages.  You'll recognize many of them, but what's in store for the reader is a "personal treatment" added to each of them - which effectively creates stand alone quotes that can only be attributed to its author.  You'll laugh, you'll wonder, you'll be surprised, but for the most part you'll be entertained by this unique literary work. 


As has been the case with most of my efforts that preceeded #9, (even those more seriously conceived) this recipe was infused with the ever-apparent and abundant dose of the most delicious ingredient in the world...FUN!