Misty Harbor Sunrise 

Straight Outta The Blue

I Hope You Enjoy Some of My Recent Mixed-Media Artwork

Our Sweet Hunter at Play 

Mom is Safely Watching

She's Every Woman

 Arto BioGraphico

 182,747 to Be Exact!"

 LIFE.  Never Quite Solved

  Dream-Filled Night

 Doodler On the Loose

  Mandala Improv

  Lovebirds Forever

Princess Brooklyn

The Honorable Tortoise T. Bottomfeeder

Wee Square?

Surf's UP!   Shaka Brah!

77th Street & Collins Avenue North Beach - Miami, FL Lifeguard's Station

The Misguided Tridecagon

Drawn on Porpoise

Léon de Lyon

Orbs, Odds & Ends

Collage De Trois ~ MJ, MD & ME!