. . . My Mission is to create an environment for your sessions, whether you come to my home or I visit you at at yours, that makes you feel as though you are at a World Class Spa that caters to Heads of State and International Celebrities.  My paramount concern is making sure your massage experience is as positively memorable and uniquely tailored as it can possibly be.

I hold State of Michigan Massage Therapist License No. 7501008905 - and am a Proud Graduate of one of the most prestigious schools for massage in the entire country - Irene's Myomassology Institute.  

The education I received at Irene's prepared me to work in practically every state in America, and I intend to continue attending advanced training courses wherever and whenever possible, in order to add new modalities and certifications to my rèsumè.  

In the field of therapeutic massage there's always more to learn, and I feel it's important to advance my knowledge and skill set in order to become a  better practitioner and health facilitator.  After all, healing and promoting healthy living is what I'm all about.

Location:  Southeastern Michigan

 phone:  248 568 2111

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Benn Perry, LMT

Whether you're seated in a massage chair having work done to alleviate a headache at a venue where there may be hundreds in attendance, or in a more private setting receiving a full body massage, my "feeling" is that the only way for the experience to be extraordinary for both of us is by keeping our lines of communication wide open.

The essense of my work is tuning in to what you tell me, paying close attention to what your body conveys to me through its reaction to specific touch, and then focusing on what's necessary to achieve the best possible results for YOU!

Whether your massage is strictly for relaxation purposes, you're having issues with muscles that need attention, or are recovering from an injury; I follow my intution and let it mesh with my acquired skills - allowing them both to work in concert with one another in order to orchestrate your personalized bodywork symphony!

And NOW...the ZENN of BENN

While this may not be a photo of my studio...