~ Out Of sheer Appreciation ~

As is the case with every business that has ever been formed, I would be nowhere without my clients.  There is no question that the massage therapy industry is one that is based on trust, confidence, and a mutual respect for the client/therapist relationship.  I've put together some packages in an effort to honor you for believing in my touch, my spirit of professionalism, and my approach to the bodywork I perform.  

Occasionally I will run Specials, however, the two Treatment Packages you see below are an ongoing staple of my Therapeutic Massage Menu.  

Thank You for your patronage and for thinking enough of me to recommend me to your family and friends!

tHe Loyalty Royalty 

Referral Rewards Program

I could probably schedule one of these for you, but I'll need some time to cue my elephants!

Your NEXT MASSAGE for everyone you refer to me who books an appointment!

Or ring up points and receive a FREE MASSAGE for every 2 referrals you bring to my table.  

At that rate you'll eventually be the beneficiary of


But WaIT!  it Gets Even BeTTeR!

Check Out THis Special: