The Story Behind the Story

There's no secret to my admiration for the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals organization, or as they are known throughout the world - ABMP.  They are a supportive group who collectively do everything in their power to assist their members.  Links to their website are scattered throughout my pages with pride.  In November of 2015, in response to yet another helpful email I received from them, in thanking them for their latest effort to assist me, I took a photograph of my newly minted and personalized license plate which reads  A B M P and attached it to my email response; figuring it would be cool if someone actually saw and acknowledged it.  Little did I know what an amazing firestorm of enthusiasm it would touch off.  I was contacted by Karrie Osborn, whom I presumed at first was a customer service staffer in charge of email responses.  Turns out Ms. Osborn is a writer.  Turns out she isn't only a writer, she is the Senior Editor of their acclaimed bi-monthly Massage & Bodywork magazine!  Karrie explained to me that everyone in the office was talking about my license plate and then asked me "What is it that makes you so proud to be a ABMP member?"  I went into a five minute long rave about how they are one of the most remarkable organizations inasmuch as they are always there to help, always carry a cheerful attitude and never stop trying to make the lives of we LMT's better. A day or two later Karrie called me and said "You have a very interesting story to tell.  Would you like to give me an interview?"  "SURE!" was my response.  Several questions were sent to me regarding my history prior to and since I became a LMT, and the next thing I knew I was the 'Member Profile' in the January/February 2016 edition of their Different Strokes newsletter; which you are more than welcome to read below.  As an added 'touch' I was surprised to find that not only was I profiled in a magazine that has a circulation in excess of 100,000, my license plate is featured on its cover.  What a rush!  It is such an honor to appear in this magazine, and further proof of how ABMP has its members at heart every second of every day.  Thank you Karrie, and the ABMP Family!

And the Cover - Is this Cool or What?

December 27, 2016 - So, I'm sitting here leafing through my just-received copy of the January/February 2017 Bodywork & Massage Magazine, as I normally do the instant I take it out of the mailbox; and totally unaware, stumble upon the following clever advertisement:

After a double take, I showed it to my wife and ask "Do you think they're referring to ME?  She said "You're the ONLY person on the planet who spells your first name with two N's, of course they're talking about you!"  NOW, as far as I'm concerned, they can take the word "likely" out of that quote.  What an amazing organization, that ABMP!

  And Now...THIS!

Excited to have my article featured in the March/April 2017 Issue of Massage & Bodywork Magazine.

Some nice feedback to the above article...

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Any time you'd like to listen to some heady blog chats hosted by the incomparable Alexa Servodidio, I highly recommend her channel on Blog Talk Radio.  She's such an engaging and delightful interviewer who makes you feel as though you're chatting in your own living room!

This conversation of ours took place about a half-dozen years ago.  I'm no longer a Vegan, per se, but I have stayed in better touch with more sensible eating habits to this day.  Just thought for the sake of being forthcoming, I'd add that little caveat, since a great deal of the show is spent talking about Veganism.   Click on the radial button as if it were a video and it will take you to the actual page so you can control the running time of your listening experience: